i'm packing to go back to school today. i'm not one of those people who only take some of their clothes with them to school. in high school, i remember people saying things like, "you really don't need as much clothes for college as you think you do." and i never understood that. it's not like you're going on vacation. you're at school for more of the year than you are at home. all that too say, it's a lot of work to pack my clothes. i pretty much take my entire closet. which is preeeeeeeetty full. but i changed up my technique this year. space bags for the win.

it's weird to think that the summer is over. i mean, i suppose i technically have two more days. but packing and driving 10 hours don't exactly scream "summer" to me. but i'm looking forward to seeing my friends, although i'll miss laying around until 3pm reading blogs.

it was a good summer. certainly different than i anticipated it being. but it was good.
now, off to do more packing.

so long summer.

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