well, hi.

oh i have a blog? you'd think i didn't know considering how often i've been posting. lately, i haven't even been able to find the motivation to read my favorite blogs. which, if you know me at all, is kind of saying a lot.

round 4 with this beautiful lady.
i love blogging. i love reading blogs. i love meeting bloggers. i love it all. it's my very favorite hobby that i've ever had. and a lot of my favorite parts of life are wrapped up in blogs. i love reading about adoptions and redeemed marriages and telling the devil to go to hell and crafting and being brave.  (ps. you should probably take a few hours and visit all of those links.)

but as much as i love seeing all of those stories unfold and as much as i feel like those ladies have become a part of my life, i'm starting to find some really beautiful stories unfolding in my own life. in the real, in person, right here, right now moments that take place around me every day. in fact, i'm sure these beautiful stories have been taking place for sometime, but i suddenly feel like i have new eyes to see them.

marge's birthday // first day of school with the roomie.
i will always love scrolling through instagram, reading blogs and writing blogs, but i'm not doing such a great job at it lately and i've had to give myself permission for that. because i'm living so much good, beautiful, uninstagramable life right now. it's a little bit weird that i'm even writing a blog about this, but i'm not joking when i say that the blog world is a substantial part of my life. i love the interwebs.

dirty dan's donut run.
who knew i'd also grow to love the tangled and beautiful web of people surrounding me. the ones i see everyday. the ones who know all the little corners of my mind and heart. the ones who i can do the wobble with on saturday night and carpool to church with on sunday night. the ones i go on dates with every monday night. the ones who i live with. the ones who i have to drive a few hours to see. the ones who speak life over me. the ones who i have class with. the ones who go to an old church with me in the middle of the afternoon just to play worship music.

the best and shortest visit from kelly and ashlyn.
the Lord has weaved the most perfect web of people for me as i'm starting my senior year. i'm going to do my best to document this last year, but more importantly i'm going to use my new eyes to see the life going on around me. because you know: clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.


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