nice to meet cha.

is it as awkward to read an "about me" as it is to write one? cause hotdog, it feels pretty awkward to write one. hard to believe its possible, but i think it would be even more awkward if i was writing it in third person. ex: kimberly enjoys long.. no sorry, i couldn't even do it. ANYWAY.
my name is kimberly. it's so nice to meet you. 
you should know that i really like to travel. i have been to 14 countries in the last 3 years and have several more on the horizon. i don't actually find 14 countries all that impressive, but i would love if you pretended that it was.
you should also know that i hated coffee for 22 years. i mean loathed it. then i went to a developing country with mostly weird not western food for 3 months, and a vanilla iced latte was the first western thing i drank after all the weirdness. my word, it was like an oasis in the desert. i drank two(!!) in one sitting, and i've been hooked ever since.
okay here is a speedy quick list of things i love:
freshly paved roads
white furniture
printing pictures
my bed
sleeping in til 1pm
waking up at 6am
lattes in warm ceramic mugs
spotify premium
talking on the phone
the ocean
the lake
the river
the creek
the pond
water i guess, okay?
tiny humans aka babies
oh my word i almost forgot DONUTS.

i DO NOT like side hugs, popsicle sticks, or PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK WHO ALWAYS TYPE LIKE THIS.

last but definitely not least, please be aware that i don't believe in capitalizing letters or proper grammar (obvi), but i do believe in Jesus and love to see His redeeming power change lives.



instagram: @kimberlyoyler
email: lifeasaneskimo at gmail dot com

what is the deal with the eskimo thing?

i started this blog in may 2011 as a way to keep people updated as i headed to alaska to work at a bible camp in juneau. my url was originally "kimberly's alaskan adventure" but i quickly changed it to "life as an eskimo" because i thought it was way cuter and more original. i haven't been to alaska since 2014, so i can't exactly say that i'm living an eskimo life, but guys i'm so annoyingly sentimental and am too attached to the name to change it. alaska is my jam, so for now, it stays. i hope that alaska will continue to be a part of my future, but until then, you can read about my summer in alaska heremy almost second summer in alaska here, and my actual second summer in alaska here on instagram because that sucker never made it to the blog.


you can also find some of my writing on the flourish blog. which you can find here.