Friday, September 12, 2014

a michigan wedding.

i have been trying to write this blog for 5 days. give me a round of applause if i ever finish it.

last fall i made a beautiful new friend named devon. in january, her boyfriend stephen asked me to be a part of an elaborate surprise proposal for her. and a few weeks ago, i got to be a part of the wedding. never ever in those first few weeks of our friendship did i think that less than a year later i would be standing up in her wedding.

praise the Lord i was able to fly from california to michigan a few days before the wedding. i had to leave for the airport super early on wednesday morning, but i made it to grand rapids just in time for the bachelorette party. 

have you ever been belly dancing? dev's best friend from high school planned the party and she signed us all up for a 90minute belly dancing class. i was really nervous about it, but it ended up being really fun. our teacher was incredibly nice and we just had fun laughing with each other and of course at each other. i have to admit, my favorite part of the class was the first 10 minutes when we did stretches to john mayer music with the lights dimmed. oh john. i love you.

some of the girls had an in with the owner of a dessert bar in downtown grand rapids, so we headed there after our dance lesson even though all i wanted was a cheeseburger. they had seriously delicious desserts. cookies and milk! chocolate cake! other things i don't remember! (i still wanted a cheeseburger, but mcdonalds was closed.)

we slept in the next morning. enjoyed dev's grandma's perfect screened in porch (with a view of the lake!), and headed to starbucks for drinks and a copy of a british folk cd which features chloë's brother. #5 if you're interested. 

the best part about weddings, if you ask me, is that they are basically reunions. all the friends from indiana started showing up on thursday, and boy was i happy to see them. i mean look at these stunners!

thursday was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. i got yelled at several times at the rehearsal for not exactly paying attention and talking too much. but i mean, can you blame me? wouldn't you want to talk to all your people you haven't seen in months? the rehearsal was a fiesta pool party which was both delicious and a blast.

dev was a genius and had all the girls stay at her grandma's house (the wedding was in the backyard). this meant we had several late nights on the most comfortable bed ever, catching up and laughing and soaking each other up.  hannah, emily and i stayed with dev at her house while she wrote her vows the night before the wedding. i have been to one other wedding where i stayed with the bride on her last night as a single lady, and i have to tell you, it might be my favorite part of the whole wedding. it always feels like such an honor. its just you and your closest gals. no fuss. just a sweet few moments together before everything changes the next day.

we decorated for the wedding the morning of, which i thought was going to be terrible, but it was actually so fun! even the guys helped. plus it isn't that hard to make a location like this look beautiful. and boy did it turn out beautiful.

chloë and james officiated the wedding. chloë wore the most stunning dress from london. and she did my makeup. thanks again, chlo. i heart you. 

and as if there weren't already enough friends involved in this wedding, even the photographers were good friends of mine. bless. miranda fuchs was the main photog and alicia wines second shot with her. (click their names to take you to their facebook photo pages.)

this massage chair was in our room. i spent every spare minute in it.

let us take a minute to talk about the flowers. are they not incredibly beautiful? i will let you in on a secret, dev and her mom made them. from paper. can you even believe it!? i love flowers. they're one of my favorite parts of a wedding. and these ones were SO beautiful. some of my favorites. ever. 

if you know dev, you know that she does just about whatever she wants. she does not care if people think she is crazy. example: she would often scream my name down the mallway in the student center at school. i would cower in embarrassment, shushing her as she came running down the mallway laughing and shouting. so, when dev told me she was going to cut her hair AT HER WEDDING i wasn't surprised. when she said she was going to cut it TWICE, i still wasn't surprised. 

so, despite my many many protests, she cut her beautiful long, thick, luscious curls into a bob between the ceremony and the reception. i took a selfie with a piece of her hair. it was just so beautiful! but the bob was adorable. and then after the reception, before they left for the night, she cut it into a pixie. i don't have a picture of that. but she's crazy and i love her. you do you, dev. never stop.

and then, as if the day had not been fun enough, the entire bridal party took a yacht to the reception. because God bless america if you don't take a yacht to the reception, you're doing it wrong. it was so much fun. this whole bridal party was so. much. fun. 

don't you even worry, we toasted with sparkling cider. and then we danced so wild that we had to take our hair down. texas sized hair forever and ever amen. i've never danced so hard at a wedding, but i was just really feeling it that night. they didn't even play the wobble, which is my go to dance song, but there were so many friends there and the boys were dancing so wacky and i just went with it. i threw caution to the wind and i danced my hair out.

they left for the night through a tunnel of sparklers and i said goodbye to stephen and dev for who knows how long. 

it was a beautiful day. i mean truly so perfect in so many ways. i laughed and cried and danced and soaked every moment in. someone get married again quick. lets do this reunion thing all over again. 

and don't worry, the fun doesn't stop there! i followed most of these people back to indiana to spend more time with them. but you'll have to wait until the next post for that. hopefully it doesn't take me a whole week to write it. 


Saturday, September 6, 2014

august in pictures.

i'm working on a blog about my trip back to indiana, which really means i'm thinking about maybe trying to possibly write a blog about my trip back to indiana, but in the mean time i figured i should at least blog something.

i'm sure i could blog about each of these things individually, but who has time for that.

so without further ado, august.

(top to bottom, left to right)
1. driving the boys all the places, all the time.
2. snuggles at the doctor's office.
3. 4. 5. 6. a visit to muir woods
7. finally got a pair of white hightop converse.
8. told the boys to go get in the car. little punks.
9. jake fell asleep in the car. a modern day miracle.

1. happy hour with tate. hot chocolate for me and juice for him.
2. the best way to spend an afternoon.
3. road trip to oregon
4. driving through redding, ca.
5. driving through weed, ca. 
6. made it 7 hours on the trip without starbucks.
7. woke up with a toddler in my bed. didn't hate it.
8. looking out over the garden in oregon.
9. fresh berries.

1. oregon goats.
2. snuggles with tate.
3. oregon country.
4. stepped on a rusty nail and had to go to town for a shot.
5. gathered some fresh eggs with a cute little girl.
6. oh, oregon.
7. oregon sunset.
8. the new shoes.
9. voodoo donut in portland. didn't live up to the hype. but i do love a donut.

1. silver falls state park.
2. night ride.
3. driving off into the sunset.
4. goofing around with tate.
5. jake keeping himself entertained on the drive home.
6. driving through redding again.
7. the kids school books arrived. lots of fun with boxes.
8. the boys got a haircut.
9. i was sad.

1. tate chickened out on the escalator after jake and i got on. happily rode down with a stranger. notice they're holding hands.
2. packing for indiana.
3. birthday packages.
4. first day back with the boys.
5. hot harvest nights farmers market.
6. off to the park with the boys.
7. california sunset.
8. beautiful clouds on a brutiful day
9. happy boy after a nap.

1. 2. 3. spending the day at a new beach. san gregorio.
4. gallery walls forever and ever amen.
5. visited my nana. she put out all the stops.
6. wasn't much help packing her house.
7. nana.
8. aunt suie.
9. so glad to see them both.

1. the kids found a baby squirrel. named him grayson.
2. we took him to a rescue shelter.
3. i'm pretty sure he died.
4. but i was happy to hold him. a dream come true.
5. typical trip to target.
6. we do this a lot.
7. great end to a terrible day.
8. the boy loves selfies.
9. went to the farmers market alone. sat on a bench and enjoyed this treat.

1. no of course i didn't pose them this way. they always swing like that.
2. blurry babe.
3. took them to the park. they watched the lawnmower instead of playing.
4. we take a loooot of selfies.
5. we love them!

this sums up our days pretty well. target. park. starbucks. selfies. beach. snuggle. repeat.
happy saturday.