having a purposeful summer.

it's possible that i hate the word intentional. it drives me craaaazzzzzy. i have a huge long list of words that i don't like and intentional is one of them. to me, it is one of those overused words that people throw around all the time, but it doesn't have a lot of weight behind it because it's used so much. alllll of that to say, that's why i'm calling it a purposeful summer instead of an intentional. but i mean the same thing, except with some more weight and meaning behind it.

don't you think that summer gets away from you really quickly? i start off the summer thinking its going to be forever long and then it's gone in a flash. last summer, especially, was crazzzzzzzzy fast. so i've been thinking some about how important it is to be purposeful with my time and my goals and my to-do list.

the month of may was kind of a flop in the purposeful living area. i meaaaaan, it's possible that i didn't read my Bible at all, which isn't exactly commendable. (praise Jesus, He loves us even when we act too busy for Him.) so i've made a plan for the rest of the summer to avoid a repeat of may. the YouVersion iphone app has plan for reading the whole Bible in 90 days, so i'm giving that a try. maybe i've bit off more than i can chew, or maybe it will be great and wonderful and i'll have a shot at accomplishing one of my new years resolutions.

i've also made designated date nights with a friend from high school. hannah and i adore each other, but we are terribly good at letting the whole summer go by without seeing each other more than like once. it's dumb and we hate it. so, we made a plan this summer! it's working out well, except its making me poor and fat. okay, not fat, but i mean, i should probably quit eating donuts?

so, this is a summer full of purpose. i hope.


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  2. You're doing it! Yay! Good luck. I'm already a little behind (it really is a commitmentt!) but it has been great so far.

    And donuts are great, shhh ;)

  3. Totally relate to getting sick of words that are overused, and wanting to accomplish so much during summer time. Enjoy it!

  4. Last summer I ate more donuts than ever before and still lost weight. Donuts are fine.


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