new years resolutions or something.

wellllllllll, i'm back from kentucky. the youth conference was great. totally different from previous years because of my different role. also different because i felt under ze weather the whole time. i think i have strep throat. awesome. no better way to end christmas break than with a nice case of strep throat. 

anyway. i never make new years resolutions. mostly because i never follow through on them. but also because i think its pretty stupid to wait until the new year to pursue change in life. this may also be just an attempt to cover my lack of follow through in this area. oh well. 

so, i didn't think i would even make it midnight last night on account of my illness and utter exhaustion. and also the two dramamines i took in the morning. but i was awake until 3am and decided to write some resolutions. and now for your nosey pleasure, i share those here. 

ONE: quit eating mcdonalds. 
this is real. i have a love affair with mcdonalds. am i embarrased about it? no, in fact i feel bad for you that you are missing out on the deliciousness that is a mcdonald's cheeseburger with fries on it. but, it really isn't probably all that good for you. i mean, don't take my word for it, i am the girl who watched super size me and then wanted a cheeseburger afterwards. regardless, mcdonalds is off my menu. the exception to this rule is my annual shamrock shake with paige on reslife letter day.

TWO: complete a thirty for thirty
i first saw this on kendi everyday over a year ago and have wanted to do it since then. but of course i needed to acquire better clothes before this would be possible. which is the exact opposite point of this challenge. so i'm going to just get on with it and give it a go in probably february. i want to be more grateful for what i already have and quit wearing sweatpants to class. i love sweatpants. 

THREE: read the bible in a year. 
i have been trying to do this since 7th grade. so like 9 years. i have failed every time. leviticus always gets me. it's just so boring. and dry. and boring. and dry. and also i'm lazy. and don't want to get up early to read or stay up late to read. and i am good at making excuses like i spent 5 hours reading blogs so now i am too tired to read the bible. i know it is important, but i just love blogs. and instagram. and twitter. and _____________. no more laziness. okay, probably still some laziness, but hopefully less laziness in this particular area. 

FOUR: drink some more water. like probs at least 2 nalgenes a day.
i love apple juice more than water. i don't drink enough. there is no real deep motivation behind this except that water is good for you. blah blah blah.

FIVE: get back into some sort of regular physical activity.
i used to ride my bike or run every day with paige. now i do the interlude and every muscle in my body is sore. i wish i was kidding. maybe i will just start each day with the interlude and call it good. yes. that sounds effective.

SIX: save more than i spend.
this sort of goes along with the "being grateful for what i have" thing but also spreads into the "i have a spending problem and love buying stuff" thing. i'm not really sure how i will accomplish this which is  in fact a solid way to fail. maybe i will tattoo BE GRATEFUL on my forehead. maybe i will make a budget. maybe i don't really understand those. maybe i will take financial peace university. or maybe i will just buy stuff. it's anyone's guess at this point.

SEVEN: go to church.
what's that kimberly? you're a children's ministry major and you don't go to church? i go to a college aged service on sunday nights called The Rising. which is great and fine and very much church, but also very much just college students. some time in the last three years of school i gave myself permission to skip church in the morning if i was tired and just go to the rising. i miss church. i haven't really even found a sunday morning church that i love. i will do that this year. 

jami nato wrote a really good post on goals and resolutions. i didn't absorb the whole thing because i was exhausted when i read it, but there was something in there about pursuing heart change instead of behavior modification. i'm hoping 3 + 7 do that because i know that behavior modification isn't going to get me anywhere. even if all the other resolutions on the list fail, i want to follow through on 3 + 7. because those two have the most potential to be beneficial in the long run. although surely cutting beloved mcdonalds out of my life will have some eternal impact on me.

did anyone make resolutions this year? or just me? share friends, share.

happy new year!


  1. Good Goals.
    i've read the bible in a year twice. once was in 2012. you gotta get some kinda scheduled plan... something that breaks it up OT/NT/Psalm/Prophet or whatever...
    then you don't get stuck in leviticus and numbers.

    1. thanks for the tips, jarad! i think i'm gonna go with one of the one year bibles the school gave out.
      happy new year!

  2. Are you still in Kansas?! If so, come to Redeemer (in KC) with Jami and me this coming Sunday!

    1. that is so sweet of you, therese! i wish i could, but i'm going back to school in indiana on friday. maybe next time i'm home!

  3. You forgot one....
    #8. Keep being AWESOME! Happy 2013 girl!

    1. oh how i wish we lived closer! you are the sweetest.

  4. Love all of them. You are a champ. love also that i am highlighted a few times. props.

  5. but kimbo, you could do the interlude AT Mcdonalds!!! (2:27)

  6. "i am the girl who watched super size me and then wanted a cheeseburger afterwards. "

    I'm SO not that girl. I watched that movie and wanted chicken mcnuggets.


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