happy awkward reslife day.

to be honest, today is one of my least favorite days of the school year. it is the day everyone who applied for a Resident Assistant or Community Coordinator job gets a letter in their mailbox telling them if they got hired or not. and it is awkward. the whole day is spent walking on egg shells because you want to know if your friends got hired, but it can also be awkward to ask in case they didn't get the position/hall they wanted, or if they didn't get hired at all.

last year i applied for RA and was given the alternate position, which is a fancy way of saying, "you don't have a job unless someone quits or gets fired." obviously, i was not happy at the time, so my great friend, paige, took me to mcdonald's for some shamrock shake therapy. paige did get offered a position and was excited, but she was really great about being sensitive to me. (ice cream helped.) looking back, i am 100% okay that i didn't get a position last year....

which only makes the fact that i did get one this year that much sweeter! i am so excited! i will be the RA in Reed hall on 2 west, which is the dorm that i wanted. i currently babysit for my new resident director (RD), shawna, and i already love her (and her kids), so that will be fantastic. and i know 3 of the other girls who got hired in reed, and they are great as well. i applied for both the CC position and the RA position, and honestly, i was hoping for the CC position. but, i am still really excited (and super nervous) about being an RA. it will be fantastic. the best part is that i will have freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in my hall, which is something i missed this year. it will be great. paige and i continued our shamrock shake tradition, but it was all celebratory this year since paige was offered her job again. it is fun to get off campus every now and then, and i love paige. so, it was just good.  

before all that happens i have to finish this year. which means i need to study for a test now. my prof already sung us a song about being crucified because his tests are so hard. yay. not. 

xoxo. (this is cheesy, but valentines day was two days ago, so i'm allowed to.)

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  1. Love you friend! So much fun to shamrock with you!


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