a quick trip back to school.

this last semester at school was one of my very favorites. i found myself in the most wonderful group of friends. i miss them all every. single. day. so, i was obviously thrilled when i got the chance to go back to school for a few days and see some of my friends that are still there.

what made the trip even better is the reason i was going. my friend of 13 years, amanda, decided to come to iwu this year for school. i'm so excited for her to join me for my last year of school and i think she is going to love it. 

i nearly cried my eyes out when i saw paige. oh i miss my cousin so much. 

paige and i met at our freshman registration, so this trip was like coming full circle for us. and really going through registration with amanda was so weird. i kept thinking about when i registered and it feels like forever ago. it's also so weird that i'm about to start my senior year of college. the "what are you going to do when you graduate?" questions have started and it just feels weird. its gone crazy fast and its gone crazy slow. and it's almost over but graduation seems so far away too. and now amanda is going to be there too and my worlds are colliding a little bit, but i'm hopeful that its going to be a beautiful collision and i can't wait to see it happen.

i also saw my precious, precious friend rhoda, who i love so much i could cry. we sent this picture to some of our friends who weren't there. 

and courtney happened to be in the area, so i got to see her too. moo moo was thrilled to see her.

and we stayed at theeeeee cutest bed and breakfast. omg. it was adorable and i want to live there. we stayed in rooms 3 and 4, but i forgot to take a pictures.

the food was so delicious. i wish i would have taken a picture of breakfast the first morning. cause it was out of this world tasty.

but you know, you can only stand on a chair in someone else's bed and breakfast so many mornings.

and they had these precious little trees all over. and the house was just adorable. i might just book myself a night there next time i want to take myself on a date or vacation.

the only bad part of the trip was the drive to and from the airport. i've driven that drive a gazillion times. 

and i was boooooooooored.

bring on the selfies.

i never take selfies. unless it's on snapchat. so enjoy this. it won't happen again for 9248397 years.

see ya players.

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