i take myself on dates.

i have what some would call a stressful job. stressful in the sense that i have three meetings a week. and i'm supposed to be building relationships with 30 girls. and i live at work. and i have friendships to maintain outside of the hall. and i'm taking 17 credit hours. and i'm involved in two ministries. and. and. and. i'm not complaining. there are good parts, too. i'm just saying it can be stressful sometimes. 

so i take myself on dates. sometimes its just going to walmart or hobby lobby by myself and getting the things i need as slowly. as. possible. other times it involves a 30 minute drive to kokomo to really indulge myself. kokomo holds all the things close to my heart: panera, chipotle, starbucks, and target. and they are basically in the same parking lot. ptl.

this is for my sanity really. being on campus all the time can be sort of exhausting. so the solution really is to just leave. i'm on a date with myself right now actually. first chipotle and now starbucks.

usually i get comfortable in my date place of choice. this often includes taking my shoes off and putting my feet up. i had sandals on (i know, i know. judge me.) so i'm not stinking up the place with smelly feet. i did forget to put deodorant on though, so there is a chance my armpits are stinking it up.  

i throughly enjoy going out to eat by myself now. i remember once freshman year when i wanted chipotle, a thirty minute drive away, and was scared to eat in public by myself. so i got it to go and ate it while i drove home. (sorry mom.) now i treasure eating out alone. and i have an iphone, so i can refresh instagram 49573279523 times to keep myself looking busy and cool.

i occasionally do homework on my dates, but mostly i waste several hours curtesy of free wifi.

if you have any solo date ideas for me, feel free to pass them on. 

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  1. This is what I call self-care and it is a beautiful thing. I am about to partake this morning :) You are doing a great job! Love you! Sleepover tonight!


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