holiday season.

i know that this may be upsetting to some people, but i have been listening to christmas music for, oh i don't know, weeks. i straight up love christmas. and christmas music. so come at me, bro. you can't stop me.

there are only 16 days left until thanksgiving and 49 days until christmas. it's really not that much time. 

so, i am officially beginning what i like to call the holiday season. if you say "holiday season" and not "christmas season" then you are justified in beginning the joyous season immediately after halloween as "holiday" can encompass both thanksgiving and christmas. a loophole if you will.

i know that some people are passionate about condemning those who listen not listening to christmas music until after thanksgiving because thanksgiving is technically in the fall, but come on. when it's 30 degrees outside and i am wearing underarmour leggings under my jeans every day, it's winter. call it what you want, but know in your heart that it's winter.

christmas eve circa a long time ago.

the holiday season is my most favorite season of all, so why would i want to only celebrate it for a month when i can drag it out for at least two? i love the lights. and the red starbucks cups. and the music. and sitting in the living room with just the tree lights on. and going to the plaza in kansas city. and christmas cookies. and the egg casserole on christmas morning. and not having school. and sleeping in. and buying things for people. i love buying gifts. i love it all.

how can you hate those things? you shouldn't. you can't. embrace them friends. it's the holiday season.

and i don't understand why we're so adamant about containing the birth of our Savior to one month. we should celebrate that all year long, because if He wasn't born, we wouldn't have anything to celebrate at all. 


disclaimer: when thanksgiving is over i will switch over to calling it christmas season. because it is christmas season. i am all about being sensitive to people of other cultures and religions, but you couldn't pay me to stop calling it christmas. cause Jesus was born. and that's the point. it's the whole point. so, it's christmas break. not winter break. and it's merry christmas. not happy holidays. mixed messages coming from this post, i know.


  1. congrats. you got me a little bit excited! haha its also easier to think about Christmas than to think about the paper I should be writing.


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