so this was going to be a precious little halloween post complete with adorable pumpkin patch pics from the most anticlimactic pumpkin patch trip ever.

but i just deleted the pictures. so. pissed. 

so instead, here's my halloween costume. and a story about fruit pizza.
i was a dalmatian when i was 4. i think. nothing like repeating a costume as an adult.

so the fruit pizza. it was paige's 21st birthday. a bit of a milestone. i had this super great present i was going to get her, but then i could't remember what it was. so i just creepily sent her little notes and gifts all day long. this fruit pizza was supposed to be the grand finale. 

cute. i know. i've never cut a kiwi before because i don't like them, so i had to google it. it was going to be so good. and you know what? i think the trash can enjoyed it.

this is my life. 

i was carrying it on top of a pile of other stuff and made it through 3 closed doors and a flight of stairs. then dropped it into the trash when i was setting it down. so. awesome. 

i called paige and shed approximately 4 tears. and then i ate it. it was delicious. judge me.



  1. I love you anyways and always. :)

  2. Love the Dalmatian costume! Footed onesies are the best.

  3. What a great friend you are!!! I am so thankful that you and Paige have each other there at iwu! It warmed my mother's heart to know you were there to celebrate Paige's birthday with her!

  4. that fruit pizza sure does look delicious. im not judging you for eating it. i would have too! you're such a cute puppy :-)


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