i am currently sitting in the indianapolis international airport. my absolute favorite airport. it takes me approximately 7 minutes to check in and go through security. its a good size airport, but it is never really all that busy if you fly on southwest airlines. i only fly southwest cause i'm a brat and i feel less safe on other airlines.

i haven't been in lawrence for 99 days. a record for me. i'm excited to finally go home. my mom is obsessed with me, so thats always fun to go home to. there are so many faces to squeeze. i'm also excited to go to muncher's donuts and encore and panera, and maybe dunkin donuts too. i'm in a donut phase. i don't know why. 

unfortunately the weather is going to be terrible while i'm there.

maybe terrible isn't the right word?

my cousin is getting married on saturday, so thanksgiving is going to be a little different this year. family is flying in both thursday and friday, so our typical thanksgiving day schedule won't be the same. i'm a little bit sad about that, but i'm excited for katie's wedding and i'm excited to see natalie and nicole again. 

i'm not one for change. i like to do things the same way over and over. so it's hard that our thanksgiving won't be the usual way, especially since thanksgiving was different last year

but, one thing is always the same, i get to see my family. being in college has made me aware of the strange phenomenon known as going to a friend or stranger's house for thanksgiving cause you can't go home. it happens for all different reasons. some people live too far away and can't afford it, some people aren't on good terms with their families, some people's families live in different countries, whatever the reason it still stinks for them. i would be seriously ticked if i couldn't go home for the holidays. so, i'm glad that is always the same. 

thanks for flying me home mommy. now make me some mexican chicken corn chowder. 

i'm a brat. 

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