glitter + thanksgiving.

happy bankrupt tuesday. seems like an appropriate holiday after black thursdayfridaysaturday and cyber monday. what was the deal with black friday starting on thursday? um excuse me. we call that thanksgiving. not make your employees work on a national holiday day. 

i guess i'm the only one that didn't get the memo that walmart is 24/7 on all holidays except christmas. i called walmart on thanksgiving eve to see what time they would be closing that night, you know, cause it was thanksgiving the next day. 

me: hi, i was wondering what time you will be closing tonight. 
happy helper: we are 24/7.
me: so you aren't closing early because of thanksgiving?
happy helper: we are 24/7.
me: right, i understand that. i just thought you would close early because of the holiday. 
happy helper: we are 24/7. we only close for christmas. 

well okay. walmart is 24/7. noted. 

i didn't get home for thanksgiving break until like 5pm on wednesday night. my mom picked me up from the airport and drove me straight downtown to buy a dress for my cousin's wedding. i got three dresses in a less than 30 minutes. that's how it's done, fools. 

after shopping and a dr's appointment for my stupid knee, i decided the kitchen table needed to be decorated for the holiday. i have a tendency to get out of control. so it may have been a bit much considering it was only on the table for the weekend. but it was pretty and i got to buy things so whateveeeeeees. 

mommy liked it. so there.

aunt cindy and i made the name card thingys the night before. she adores me. and doesn't care at all if i come over late to use her craft supplies.

two aunts + two uncles + 3 cousins + 1 grandma + 1 nephew + 1 mommy + 5 sisters = a giant table.

in other news, i decorated my room for christmas last night. and by that i mean i finally put up the lights my sister bought for me in august. now my room is extra glittery from both the lights and the gagillion shards of glass sprinkling my floor, desk, couch, chair, rug, books and counter. 

i broke three light bulbs. i also said three bad words. 

they literally shattered everywhere. now i feel itchy because there are little teensy pieces of glass all over the place. oh yes, that little pokey feeling on my rear is a nice piece of light bulb.

i'm not so much worried about cutting my tootsies or anything. i am a little paranoid, however, about getting a piece of it in my food or something thanks to my mother. when i was younger, so like a year ago, i would make some sort of food item and then drop a glass or a bowl or a plate. i'm of course thinking, i'll just salvage this delicious piece of food. there aren't any big pieces of glass in it. 

and she'd be like "throw that away." 

um, i'm sorry, this is going to be delicious. 

"you could die if you eat a piece of glass. it's just food. it's not worth it. throw it away." 

i mean okay. but are you sure? it might be worth it? you scarred me mother.

anyway. it's time to vacuum. i don't even know if you can vacuum glass. but my only alternative is to lint roll the whole room. i think i keep getting little pieces on my hands and then touching my face and neck with them. it itches. maybe lint rolling my face would be a good option? 
think on that visual for a while. 


  1. I love you and your blogs! Such a wonderful addition to my Tuesday. The thanksgiving decorations looked awesome. Can't wait to see you over Christmas Break!

  2. People eat glass all the time on My Strange Addiction. But I like your mama so do what she says.

  3. i totally just imagined you lint rolling your face. and of course you were making a ridiculous face. it was priceless...

    ps check out your blog via gizoogle-its literally hilarious (some choice words but still really funny)


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