a thanksgiving wedding.

my cousin katie got married over thanksgiving weekend. i was happy to procrastinate my 8 page paper to attend and prepare for her wedding. katie and her family have lived in lawrence as long as i can remember, so it fun to grow up with her and then see her get married. her parents and brother moved to branson last year, so i enjoyed having them back in lawrence for awhile. 

the photographer wasn't allowed to take pictures during the ceremony, which i think is the stupidest rule in the entire world, but no one told me i wasn't allowed to and i'm a brat, so i did anyway. as a disclaimer, i am not a wedding photographer. i don't want to be a wedding photographer. too much pressure. also, it's pretty hard to take lovely photos with a fixed lens sitting in one seat. so, a lot of these aren't exactly in focus.  or perfect. don't tase me bro. or judge me. 

watching his bride walk down the aisle. precious. 

i like weddings. i'm an awkward individual though, so sometimes they make me feel weird. haha. moving on.

at least the kissy one is in focus. #mature

i do think it's precious how excited they are to be married. 

did i cry when i realized this wasn't in focus? yes, thanks for bringing it up again.

my cousin, austin, walked two bridesmaids down the aisle. he had to make it special. i adore him.

this picture reminds me of will and kate's wedding. or i mean maybe just every other picture ever taken of a couple walking out of a church?

i do not claim responsibility for the lack of focus in this photo. cause i'm in it. someone else took it. yo.

my sister and 3 of my cousins all got engaged the same yearish. so we decided to take a picture of the four of them at each wedding. we had the order right the first time guys! 
dang it.

katie wore natalie's veil too. the cousinhood of the traveling veil. precious.

you should know that i'm in class right now and everyone behind me is judging me for googling "kate and william walking wedding."

and they lived happily ever after.

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