a family bridal shower. for a different bride!

when my sister jocilyn got married is the first time i remember all my cousins from my mom's side being together. i was only 8 then. now we've all grown up and several cousins are old enough to get married. this means that we get to see each other a lot more often. we've had 3 cousin weddings in the last year and are headed to california in october for another one. 

since the whole family was together for kelsey's wedding, aunt susan had the brilliant idea of hosting a family bridal shower for nicole. 

unfortunately it was at 7am the day after kelsey's wedding. not my favorite. but still fun.
mason was the only boy allowed. sweet baby.

aunt susan hosted a shower for kelsey last time she was in town and it was baseball themed. i'm now realizing that i never blogged about it. sorry kels. anyway, nicole and ken are going to tahiti for their honeymoon, so aunt sue threw a tahitian themed shower. she's so creative. 

the bride!

mom and the L's.

aunt ali, katie, megan and mason.

jessica, the lovely host, and aunt adie.

the J's.

nana and jocilyn.

me and nicole.

isn't she cute?

the sisters.

the sister's and nana.

katie :)

and the girl cousins on my mom's side minus kelsey who was obviously gone and natalie, who had to fly back to california that morning.

i love getting together with the cousins. we have so much fun together. i hope you felt special at your shower, nicole, and i can't wait to see you in a few months for your big day!


  1. You could still blog about mine and I wounldn't be mad.

  2. Everyone looks so cheery and lovely for such an early morning! Susan is the best shower hostess.

    Can't wait for us all to be together again soon! October is less than 3 months away now! Are you guys just coming for the weekend?

    Wish I could have been there instead of my 7am flight home, which I had to leave for at 4:45am. And when I realized that was really 2:45am CA time I was very mad at myself, ha!

    1. we'll be there friday-monday. i want to stay longer cause i like to make the most out of my trips, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to :(

  3. Aweeee! Totally just saw this right now. (I have been so busy back at home) But you are so sweet to blog about this! I had the best time at the shower. What a wonderful memory :) love ya & can't wait to see you in 2 months for my wedding!!!! :):):)


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