wedding flowers.

i'm getting really clever with these post titles, huh?

i didn't take really take any pictures the day of kelsey's wedding. i wanted to be respectful of the photographers we hired, and i had pleeeeeenty of other things to do. but i couldn't resist taking pictures of the flowers.

i love taking pictures of flowers. the very first time i used a DSLR camera, i went in aunt cindy's backyard and took pictures of flowers and grass and water spigots. i didn't know what an aperture was. i didn't know what bokeh was, but i liked getting close and personal with a flower and isolating it from its surroundings.

i shoot on full manual now and i know what all those words mean, but i still like taking pictures of flowers.

and the bouquets were beautiful, so that makes it even more fun.


  1. I loved Kelsey's bouquets. Green, white and yellow are so happy and smiley. Great pics!

  2. um. you can photograph my wedding. k thanks. it is in like five years.


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