kelsey's wedding rehearsal.

my sister got married the saturday after july 4th. all of my mom's family was able to come to the wedding and most of them were even able to come for the rehearsal. there are a lot of cousins, so it is always a good time. 
my cousin, nicole, took pictures for me since i had to be in the rehearsal. thanks for doing that nicole!

not sure what we were all staring at so intently.

what am i doing. anyone? anyone?

nicole's fiance, ken, and my cousin austin are a bunch of jokesters. they get along really well.

kelsey's face....

happily ever practiced.

and the only one in color. cause i liked it better that way. my cousin, megan, her son, mason,her mom/my aunt alison, my aunt adie and me.

it was good day, except for the part where i burned my knee and two fingers hot gluing kelsey's rehearsal bouquet. it was seriously so painful. i ended up peeling off some of my skin when i tried to get the glue off and my fingers hurt so bad that i didn't think i was going to be able to do everyone's hair for the wedding the next day. but, thanks the Lord, they felt just fine the next morning!

so dramatic.
happy friday!

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  1. Looked like a fun night! Cute how everyone is matching.

    Nicole took some pretty good pictures!


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