the summer time lazies.

it's safe to say that i've reached full out summer mode. that means you can usually find me in spandex and a target boyfriend tee, lounging around watching my cat from hell and scrolling through pinterest on my phone. my face hasn't seen makeup in a week, except for the mascara i used on thursday in order to class up my running shorts and neon tank top look for dinner at olive garden. my hair is enjoying the extended break from products and the blowdryer, but i'm sure it wishes it could do something besides a messy bun. it takes quite a long time to talk myself into expending enough energry to make a smoothie, and pouring a bowl of cereal seems like running a marathon. lazy doesn't even begin to describe it. 

while i'm glad that i'm getting a relaxing summer break before the craziness of school starts up again, i'm officially halfway through the summer and don't feel like i have much to show for it. i have a pile of books i wanted to read, a long list of crafts to do, and a list of people to hang out with, but it seems as though time is quickly slipping through my fingers. it is easy to see pictures of people on facebook working at camps, studying abroad or traveling with their families and feel like they are being much more productive with their time, but i know that in reality, i have done some things too. 

there are bits of my brain that are ready to be back at school. those bits are the same ones that miss paige, these people, and my church at school. there is, of course, nothing wrong with home, but school starts to feel like the normal when you're there 2/3 of the year. home feels like a really long vacation without any sandy white beaches. 

i wish paige was here to give me a swift kick in the butt and help me plan out some purposeful days. she really is the best at that. paige. come help your cousin! the good news is that i am making a brief trip to IWU to help my friend, amanada, register for classes, so i will get to see my sweet paige in 11 days. 

i hope i can make it.


  1. I would savor this time that you get to be lazy. Pretty soon you'll have a job all year long, and your longest break is 3 day weekends. I miss having no responsibilities and waking up with absolutely no plans. It's the best! So don't feel guilty about it! You deserve it : )

  2. OK you are a dream. I miss youuuu!!!! I bet you looked super classy at olive garden. Currently some campus squirrels are looking at me.. I think they know I am your cousin and since you build trust with them they think they can trust me. And soak up the rest. Turn laziness into a sweet restful time.


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