let's stay right here.

if you've known me for more than 12 seconds, you know that i don't love school. it's just not really my thing. i know that a lot of people look back on their college years and think of them as the golden years or something sentimental like that, but i just don't see that happening. i try not to wish the days away, but i don't love school, in general really, and i'm usually very ready for summer to come.

except this year. this year, it can take it's sweet time.

meet the most lovely people who invaded my life this semester. i'm actually a bit unsatisfied with this picture because it's missing about 14 people who i would like to be in it. and most unfortunately, the majority of these precious friends are seniors. who are graduating. in like 17 days. why do i keep making friends with seniors? because i enjoy torture, i guess.

two years ago my first senior friends, courtney and rho graduated and i was really really really sad. but i 100% knew i would see them again, and i'm not sure how often i'll see several of these friends again or if i'll even see some of them at all. oh so sad.

i'm 4939429843% sure that Jesus like deposited them into my life this year. i mean i think he might have come on down from heaven and physically pushed them right in because they have just been the most wonderful addition to this semester. we've some how ended up in this lovely group of church going, lunch eating pals. this might have been my favorite semester yet.

so, although i am more than ready for some certain responsibilities to be over with, like school and stuff, i am almost perfectly content to just sit here. to just stay right here in this week and live it for a little longer. because 1 semester with these precious friends is just. not. enough.

(and happy birthday, josh.)


  1. I made it on your blog...by name! woohoo! im like famous.

    (ps you should totally move to sc with me!)

    I'm so glad God put these amazing friends in your life. :)

    1. rho, i am fairly sure that this is not your first appearance on the blog! and you know i'm always down for a visit.


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