easter, the bible, and israel.

happy easter, ya'll.

easter doesn't even feel real because i didn't eat any candy. but in a way it feels even more real because of israel. in the past week i have heard and read the accounts of the week leading up to Jesus's death and resurrection a bagillion times. i hear the words completely different since i have been to the places that are mentioned.

i've been to the gate where Jesus rode in on a donkey. i've been to the temple mount, where the temple that Jesus cleared used to stand. i've been to the room where the disciples ate their last meal, the last supper, with Jesus. i've been to gethsemane. i've been to the place where Jesus was questioned by the high priests. i've been to where peter denied Jesus. i've been to where the roman soldiers mocked Jesus and hit Him. i've been to where he was crucified. i've been to the tomb where he laid for three days and then rose again. 

pair all of that with finally watching The Bible on the history channel and the gospels just come alive in a brand new way. i'm a visual person, so it makes it so much easier for me to read the bible when i can literally picture the place they are talking about. i am so glad that i was able to go to israel right before easter. it was perfect timing. i wonder what israel would be like on easter. i can't even imagine. 

i was able to go home to kansas for easter again this year. we did all the traditional things we always do. that's probably why they're called traditions, yeah? usually the first thing we do when we get home from church is line up in front of the fireplace in order of age and take pictures. we also find it fun to line up in height order. the age order gets all mixed up.

something we started doing last year is taking pictures with mommy. i mean what else would she use as her profile picture?

when we were younger we had easter egg hunts. now i don't really understand the point of these, but then it was fun. anyway, we have ditched the easter egg hunt and now we just play a game we made up called easter egg roll. we stand in a line and roll/throw eggs across the yard. there are made up rules about how high they can go and how much egg crackage is allowed before an egg is disqualified. whoever gets theirs the farthest wins. usually me. 

i have 3 weeks of school left. how did that happen? i don't know. i have a lot of friends graduating so i'm not exactly praying that it comes soon. but it will get here eventually and it will be fine. 

happy easter friends. He is risen.


  1. Cute pictures, such lovely ladies. Especially loving Kelsey's dress!

  2. amen!
    you are gorgeous.
    i didn't eat any candy either, but jesus lives indeed!
    before my sister and i lived a billion miles away from our brothers...after the kids' hunted and were getting high on sugar, we had a "grown folk" easter egg hunt. it was ruthless fun. we are so competitive, things get crazy. and of course all the kiddos get a major kick out of seeing adults race and claw their way to the golden egg. man, i miss those days!



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