happy spring.

if you walked outside right now, chances are you wouldn't know it is spring. probably the snow falling from the sky would persuade you into thinking that it is still in fact winter, but it is definitely spring. dumb. i am seriously so tired of the cold. i'm tired of coats. and gloves. and boots. i'm thankful for coats and gloves and boots, but i'm ready for shorts and chacos and sun. soon. hopefully. 

a few random things you should consider checking out:

i was recently asked to be a contributor on the flourish blog. it is a blog with short posts meant to encourage women of all ages. i have enjoyed reading it, so i'm excited to be a part of it. check out the blog here, and see the other contributors here

i just redid my friend, emily's blog. she is a gem. she keeps threatening to stop blogging, so hopefully a new clean blog design will help her stick around a little longer. 

my friend, kern, hiked the entire appalachian trail a few months ago and has recently finished a beautiful film documenting his journey. you can see the film on vimeo here. it does cost $10, but you can download it and it is 100% worth it. and i'm 100% not getting paid to say that. he also just started a new adventure called current sea which involves driving all the way to california in a volkswagon van and learning how to surf. honestly, i'm confused that he doesn't already know how. if there is one person whose lifestyle i envy, it would be kern's. the dude is an adventurer through and through and i love that. 

if you have an hour to spare, i would recommend listening to this sermon by jake hamilton. it is ah.ma.zing. i've listened to it twice, downloaded it and plan on listening to it again. do it now. 

i'm leaving for wisconsin tomorrow to go visit the bff. it's been a while, so it should be a good time. 
also, i decided to cut sugar out of my life. it's been 24 hours, i'm grumpy and i hate everyone. waaahh.


ps. does anyone actually listen to the songs i add to the end of each post? just curious.

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    1. it is truly so good to hear that the feeling is mutual.

  2. similar spring sitch over here.
    also, loving the flourish blog, amen!

    happy day to you. you're nice.


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