laura | 2013

i have this little sister, lola. she is small and very funny.

okay, so she's not actually that small and her name is really laura, but she is my little sister and she is funny and i like to call her lola. does anyone remember that precious disney show called charlie and lola. the two cute kiddos with the british accents? oh it was my fave. anyway, charlie always introduced lola like that. 

moving right along.

laura somehow got really old and she is graduating high school next month. i'm really confused because it was seriously just a minute ago that we were clearing out the linen closet and the fold up ironing board to use as lockers for our fake school. and it seems like just a minute before that we were using every rubbermaid container in the house to design custom nurseries for our baby dolls.

laura and i are really similar in that we both enjoy crafting, sewing, baking, babies, and reading strangers blogs. if i could have anything in the world, i would go to a whatever craft weekend with lola. if i could really, really, really have anything in the world that i wanted, ashley ann and jess mcclenahan would be there. i mean a girl can dream right?

this was supposed to be about senior pictures, so i'm just gonna go ahead and post them. i took approximately 1000 photos because laura is a slave driver, but these are my favorites. and i think they might be my favorite edits of all eternity. thankyouverymuch. i also took her graduation party group pictures, but those have not premiered to the rest of the world, so i can't put them here yet.

annnnnnd my favorite..

well there you have it. happy almost graduation lola. 

also, i keep adding different watermark type things to my photos because one of my images got pinned on pinterest and it'd be cool if credit was given as due. so like i'm selfish, okay?

happy monday friends.


  1. love you kimbo.

    let's go to whatever craft weekend. you can pay and i'll tag along.

  2. I guess I have two gmail accounts and this is not my normal one? but whateves. Thanks for taking my pictures!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL. dang it those are rad

  4. Great pictures! Laura is so beautiful :-)

  5. Wow Kimberly! These are amazing!! You are super talented. I would totally start water-marking your pics :)

  6. beautiful!
    ok, i love these pics. and i think your fave one is mine too.
    whatever craft weekend. PLEASE, LORD.
    sisters are the very best. my little one is now married and a mama of two sassy girls.
    who even gave these baby sisters permission to grow up so quickly?


    and p.s. as IF i needed one more reason to love you. charlie and lola is our jam.
    i wrote recently about one reason why


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