kelsey's bridal shower.

now that my sister is married, i guess it's time to post pictures from her bridal shower. #iamlazy
the shower was hosted by our sister jessica, me, holly and sarah. i didn't really do a lot except make the invitations, the cake and the cupcakes. laura and i tag teamed on the cake stuff. so most of the credit goes to the other three hosts.

the invitation:

since i didn't really help that much, i don't really have a lot to say about the party except it was fun, the cake was good and i got to hold some babies.

the food table:

 i did most of the cake and laura did most of the cupcakes. chocolate cake with mocha chocolate and cream cheese frosting. vanilla cupcakes with mocha chocolate frosting.


each guest was asked to write some well wishes to the couple on a jenga block. either that or advice. i don't remember because i was a smarty pants and wrote whatever i wanted. :)

each guest was also asked to write down a menu idea.

jessica literally cannot host a party and not have a waffle bar.

after the party, these two cleaned up the cupcakes. nathaniel and annika kept calling the little bride and groom toppers something funny, but i can't remember what it was because it was a month ago and i'm a #badblogger

i like parties. and i like cake. so it was a lovely day.


  1. Bring that cake with you! TOMORROWWW!!!! I am sitting in mcconn and I maybe just peed a little thinking about it! feel free to bring garden clothes if you wanna get in the dirt!

  2. Looks like a fun shower. Love the cake frosting decoration! And the ombre invitations. Did you design? Great pictures, as always : )

  3. What a beautiful shower. I have actually never been to a bridal shower before all of my friends seem to skip theirs. Oh and great pictures. I found you from the flourish blog.

    The Word of A Nerd

    1. hi charity! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i hope you get to go to a bridal shower sometime! although, i have to tell you, it's pretty much just like a birthday party.

      and p.s. your blog design is the cutest!


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