shake therapy.

i survived another round of reslife letter day. my very least favorite day. yesterday was probably the most uneventful letter day for me, but i still didn't enjoy it. i knew i wouldn't be apart of reslife again next year weeks ago, but for a lot of people, yesterday was the day they found out their fate.

it's just terribly awkward all day long. you can hear girls shrieking from the mailroom allllll day while they open their letters congratulating them on their new position. i'm obviously excited for them, but it's just lots of screaming and crying and drama. call me a debbie downer, i guess.

then come the never ending facebook statuses. i can handle the screaming, but i can't handle the facebook statuses. do i understand that people are excited? yep. i do. do i also understand what it is like to not get hired and to have to read status upon status upon status about all the people who got the job you wanted? yep. i understand that too. maybe i'm just oversensitive to it. regardless, i'm not a fan of letter day. 

i am a fan of paige though. and i am a big fan of our reslife letter day tradition. shamrock shakes. 

we've gone for three years now. it is the bright spot in my day and the best tradition we started freshman year. as much as i don't look forward to screaming girls all day, i do look forward to getting off campus with my sweet cousin and drinking some green drink. this year was uneventful for her as well because she got hired as an ARD weeks ago, but it was still necessary for us to continue the tradition.

i love you paigers. there's no one i'd rather shake it up with. 


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