the holy land.

approximately a bazillion years ago, i was sitting in my church hearing my pastor talk about a time he went to israel with his wife. i was sitting with my family in the 5th row, so i was probably in 5th or 6th grade. i remember him showing pictures of places from the Bible. i remember being so amazed that he was able to go to places that someone wrote about 2000 years ago. it had never occurred to me before that day that it was possible to walk where Jesus walked. i knew then that i wanted to go to israel. to the Holy Land. 

3 years ago i ended up at IWU for college. awesome. there just happens to be a professor here who has given over 150 tours of the Holy Land. the minute i heard about him, i knew i wanted to go to israel on one of his tours. 

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now here we are. i leave for israel this friday with none other than Dr. Wilbur Williams. i'm feeling weird about it, if we're being honest. i'm bad at labeling emotions in general, so that could be a part of it, but i'm not feeling really terribly excited. i'm not not excited. i'm just like, well i don't know. haha. it sort of snuck up on me, so it could be that it hasn't hit me yet. probably that's it. i've also never been overseas before, so i'm not totally sure what to expect. 

anyway, i'll be blogging hopefully everyday from israel. i'm taking my camera, so i'm hoping i'll be able to add some pictures in here and there. 

it's going to be nuts. it's going to be good. it's going to be exciting. 
i've just not arrived at all of those emotions quite yet. 

don't worry mom, i'm glad i'm going. 


  1. I just want to pinch your cheeks. Have I told you that already? :)

  2. I'm really looking forward to your accounts of your experiences in Israel. Have a wonderful time my interpid traveler of a niece! Love You! Aunt Susan

  3. I can't spell and I don't know what I'm doing. I hope you realize that you're an intrepid traveler and not an interpid one! Another effort in exposing my mad lack of skills! Aunt Susan

    I'm so excited you are going to be blogging while you are there. Take lots of pictures!! I cant wait to hear about your stories. ah! yay. I love you! have such a great time!!!


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