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the best part about being home from school is laying around all. day. long. courtney just finished her semester, so she was fine with laying around too. we really didn't do anything all week except watch netflix and go to a ku game. 

i haven't been to a game in years. but nothing has changed in allen fieldhouse. we're still whooping butts at basketball. please notice in the photo above that the score is 33-11. 

we got crappy $20 general admission tickets. the people in front of us stood the whole time. which was a little bit annoying. 

my brother and niece were at the same game, and they had better seats. so we took the liberty of upgrading our own seats at halftime. 

they were a lot better. :) 

courtney left last night. every single flight to chicago except hers was cancelled. we were checking until the very last minute hoping her's would be too. it wasn't. bummer.

on a unrelated note, i made these wings that i saw on ashley ann's blog,  under the sycamore. ashley ann is one of my very favorite bloggers. i would be happy to buy a house and let her decorate the whole thing. 

ashley ann is so good at combining patterns. i love it. i decided to give it a try with the wings and i really like the way it turned out. 

caroline loves them. i'm so happy. the minute i saw them on ashley ann's blog i knew i wanted to make them for my kids some day. buttttttt, i am impatient and don't have any kids. so, caroline got them for christmas!

i'm pretty sure i broke every sewing rule in the book. oh well. one thing i did do differently from ashley ann is the fabric feathers. she sewed the edges of all of hers, i did that on the first set of fabric feathers (the pink fabric on the bottom left. you can see the white stitching) and thought i would pull my hair out. so i bought some fray check and used that on the edges after i finished each wing.

i love her. i love pretty felt. i love pretty fabric. happiness.

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  1. Love the peacock cape and making mental notes for clara's halloween costume.


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