christmas : in pictures : 2012

this is one of those christmas posts that's literally only pictures with maybe a few captions. easy peasy.

i'm off to kentucky tonight for a wesleyan youth conference. 
merry christmas + happy new year!

my brother came to have christmas on christmas eve. 
bro + sisters + children.

sister in law + sisters.

tradish christmas eve pajama pics.

no children were permanently harmed in the making of these photos.

this was her suggestion.

christmas morning: behind the ribbons.

reaction to the presents.


he did this for like every present.

laura went a little crazy with the wrapping.

their presents from me.

lola made them dinosaur sweatshirts.

oh mother.

their first real american dolls.

apparently these are back in style. go figure.

merry christmas!


  1. this brought all sorts of joy to my life

  2. for the record, i approve of the all picture blogs!

    ps. i like your mom: momboslice, momberly, meemer. hahaha! shes great!


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