home sweeeeeeeeeet home.

i'm finally home. i'm so happy about that. i've been counting down the days. i was sooooooooo over classes. it was time to come home. usually, i am a little sad to leave school. i'm always like, "oh! just a few more days with my friends!" this time i was more like, "peeeeaaaaaaaceeee OUT." 

unfortunately, the only ride i could get to the airport resulted in me sitting at the airport for 6 extra hours. this included getting up at 5:30am, mcdonald's breakfast, sleeping in the airport's main lobby, checking my bags in FOUR HOURS early, sleeping on the floor, having bad hot chocolate cause starbucks was too far away, and watching 24 at my gate. i was a little bit nervous that they were going to kick me out of the airport for watching a show about terrorists. yolo.

i was obviously exhausted by the time i got on the plane, so naturally when i started reading the on flight magazine's article about a man who loved a tree, i cried a little. it really was a touching story which i have selflessly found on the interwebs and provided for you to read here. no but for actually, you need to read it. 

i don't consider myself to truly be home until i'm laying in my mother's bed. my favorite place to be. and i figured out how to hook my laptop up to her tv so i can watch netflix. this is both the worst and best thing that has ever happened to me. 

the church had their christmas program today. i teared up a little when they sung this song and did sign language to it. it was so precious. 

another crucial part of home is seeing this little peanut. gosh, i'm in love with her. we have a special connection. she calls me bimbo.

my mother dragged me to kohl's. my reward was finding this awful(ly) beautiful sweater. a timeless piece really. 

i am feeling really old today. one, because i cried about a tree and that seems like an old person thing to do. two, a bunch of people at church told me i looked like a grown up. and three, my high school bff told me today that she is engaged. she is the first one of my high school friends to get engaged. i am feeling very weird about it. am i really old enough to have married friends that are my own age? strange.

tomorrow i pick up the bff from the airport. i successfully harassed her into coming to visit. well done self. 



  1. Look! I commented on your blog! I hope it works. My bed is my favorite place for you to be, too. Love you so! Love, Mom

  2. yay for being home!!! your little baby is just the cutest little thing ever. hah! bimbo. I might have laughed out loud when I read that. I want you to know that i did read that story about the man and the tree. it was such a good story! also, I listened to the song too. Im just that good :) well I miss you lots. enjoy your time with your BFF.

    PS: has that plane come for you yet??

  3. Ah I remember the days when it was great to be done with school!! Enjoy your break... there's nothing like being home after being gone for a long time.

    1. thanks lauren! i'm happy to be home!


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