diy ugliness

a common problem around christmas time is the lack of ugly christmas sweaters in ratio to the abundance of ugly christmas sweater parties. fear not. you can make your own! i realize you can get these at your local wally world, but they are like $17. i think thats a bit much for something so ugly.

i looked on pinterest for some diy inspiration and there were basically no diy christmas sweater pins. maybe it's because i'm the first person to think of it or more likely most people are smart enough to make a christmas sweater?


first you shall gather your supplies. i got mine at walmart.

i traced my tree from the interwebs, then cut it out of felt.

hot glue the felt on.

trace the tree with green glittery stuff.


add more glittery stuff to trim your tree.

use the ribbon to cut out presents and ornaments. just remember that there is no such thing as too much glitter.

cut some felt letters out. add some more glitter.

make a bow for your collar. i made two so i could attach one to my headband.

i covered the headband with ribbon using hot glue. later i sewed some bells on to the middle of the bow.

after it all dries, add bells for a touch of class.

marina made one too and put her own twist on it.

   just sit back and admire your work.

and then wish you had a better place to do crafts. #lifeofacollegestudent
and yeah. i was watching a zac efron movie. duh.

peace and love.


  1. that looks like so much fun! i miss college!

  2. This sweater reminds of what I wore every Wednesday during the month of July out at camp. I miss having Christmas every week! And I think your creation is beautiful.

    1. i was thinking of you when i made it! miss you!


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