the end has come.


i'm sitting in my second to last class for the semester. paying absolutely no attention because what we are talking about today won't be on the final. i hope. 

this is the most attractive photo i've ever taken. featuring mine and trisha's "we love the library faces."

i dislike school. it is the most non-enjoyable thing in the world to me so the minute i can be done paying attention, you can bet your bottom dollar that i am.

i have a growing list of things to blog about, but this week slipped through my fingers like sand. finals never worry me. they're are usually pretty easy. but the week before finals
b l o w s. 

i don't understand why every professor insists on having a giant project due on the last day of class. areyouevenkiddingme. i finished a 7 page paper yesterday. and a 13 page paper 15 minutes before it was due today. it was about the book of Jonah. i never want to hear about Jonah again. jonah, we are never ever ever getting back together. 

got a visit from these babes in the library last night. love these girls. especially paige. and emily. and really the rest of them but only paige and emily have blogs.

it is weird to be sitting in class on the last day feeling like your first day was yesterday. when i get a syllabus, after i find the section on how many times i'm allowed to skip class, i look at all the big projects and feel like they are so far away. but somehow they always come around. hate that. 

each balloon represents a final. when you finish the final you pop a balloon. i like to call it finals pop.
only a few things are standing in between me and christmas break:

  1. psalms final
  2. read and title all 150 psalms - oh, you mean i should have been working on this throughout the semester? whoops.
  3. inductive bible study final
  4. evangelism and global outreach final
  5. local church education final
  6. minority group relations final
then i'm done. for 3.5 weeks. PTL.

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  1. 3.5 weeks? how are you counting? I say its a little over 2. Still great.


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