this post brought to you by $5 wifi.

warning: this post is a bit long. cause i like hearing myself talk. kiddddding.

people. i'm in a plane right now. in the sky. it's a super bumpy flight. so bumpy that the flight attendants had to sit down. i adore flights like this. so much more fun than smooth, boring flights.

i'm on my way back to indiana from my cousin natalie's wedding in california. according to the nifty flight status at the top of my screen, i have 1 hour and 38 minutes until arrival. neat.

this weekend was a blast. i don't even use the word blast because i feel like i'm talking about vbs or something, but it was really fun. a blast if you will.

i flew out of the indy airport (my favorite) early friday morning. i had the stupidest layover of my life in kansas city for 3 hours. like, really? i'm in kansas but i don't get to go home? sweet. my mom, 3 of my sisters, aunt, uncle, and 3 of my cousins joined me in KC so we could all fly to oakland together.

twas a delightful flight full of spontaneous napping and dramamine. i elected to watch the sound of music on my mac instead of doing homework. i kept falling asleep during it, but apparently the lady in the row behind me stood for the entire flight so that she could watch it over my shoulder. creepy. and is it really that much fun to watch a 3 hour movie without sound? strange.

feel fortunate that you get to virtually expereince my ihateyouandijustwokeup face.
anyway. my aunt adie, uncle dave and my cousin nicole's fiance picked us up from the airport. and then after some freshening up, more like curling our hair, putting on makeup and changing clothes, we headed to the rehearsal dinner in the most beautiful backyard of my life. it was seriously so precious.

we don't get to see these cousins a lot, so i was super excited to see them all. (pause for my third apple juice of the day. courtesy of southwest airlines.) 

happy couple.
oyler family.
nichols family.
parks family with boys.
parks family - the original
saturday was the day all my dreams came true. we decided to drive an hour to san francisco and drive over the golden gate bridge. seriously a dream of mine. i know, i have lofty goals in life. we stopped at a little taco place in the sketchiest part of martinez, ca. laura, lynne and mommy came here when they were in california this summer and they adored it.

i thought it was good but i wasn't on my knees bowing down to it or anything. they gave everyone their own individual basket of chips and salsa which i think is a great solution to the obesity problem in america. am i right?

we got to the city and it was crazy crowded, as usual. my mother always selects me as the navigator because i am skilled in that area, but then she questions all my directions. example. i told her to go a few blocks and then turn right on van moss or something. we pull up to a red light and this strange helpful hippie man asks us if we need directions. i say no. she says, "yes, which way to the golden gate bridge?" he says, "a few blocks and then turn right on van moss." booyah mom. boo.yah. its documented on the interwebs that i am a successful navigator.

so we drove over the golden gate bridge. dream. it was a touch anticlimactic sense we couldn't even see the bridge. san francisco is a foggy place. we literally could not see the bridge until it was right in front of us. and the cable things that hold the bridge up were disappearing into nowhere. it was cool. 

and now a million bridge pictures.

it was so kind of this lady to move for our picture.

the cables cast a shadow on the fog. so cool. 
the bay.
golden gate's shadow.

picture yourself lying in a hammock strung between those trees. ahhhh the life.
after successfully navigating ourselves back to san ramon. we found ourselves enjoying in-n-out burger. i could eat there everyday. 

after dinner we laid around the hotel for a few hours and watched tv. i don't get to watch tv at school, so i enjoyed it. my aunt and uncle came to the hotel that night to hang out. we all sat on my mom's hotel bed. literally all of us.

and then, we went to in-n-out again. i told you dreams came true.

sunday we drove to napa for the wedding. i'll be honest, i never thought i'd be attending a wedding in napa. after taking the scenic route, we stopped for lunch... at in-n-out. muahaha you are jealous that i ate there 3 times in less than 24 hours. gosh, it was good. 

fun fact: they have bible verses on all their stuff.

the wedding venue was adorable. the whole wedding was adorable. the wedding was on the lawn, the reception was on the veranda, and we all got to stay at the manor that night in precious little rooms with precious little bathtubs.

natalie did a fantastic job with everything. it was so cute, but also simple. i didn't feel like pinterest threw up everywhere. as much as i love pinterest, i sort of dislike when its to an obnoxious level. so, good job, nat. your wedding was perfect.

please note that those glasses are full of sparkling cider. #underage

natalie looked beautiful. i'm obsessed with her dress. it was so pretty. and her veil. omg. it was just all so good.

there was cornhole, dancing, and lots of hanging out on the veranda. and kelsey tried some wine she didn't enjoy. don't worry folks, she's of age.
after the happy couple left, most of my mom's side of the family sat on the veranda and sung songs that i had never heard of since i wasn't born last century. it was fun.

this morning we had a delightful brunch, again on the veranda. i don't know why they don't just call it a porch. moving on.

we flew out of sacramento this afternoon and i parted ways with my fam in denver. twas fun.

packed like sardines for our airport drive. thanks uncle dave!
now some bonus pictures for your viewing pleasure.
sky mall magazine. my fave. answer me this: why is he wearing a santa hat?  
there were robes in our room. 
you can't blame us for putting them on. 


  1. from the looks of it I think it was worth the missing of class! But I missed you and I am glad you came back to me :)

  2. This is an awesome blog! You are so clever when you write & your pics are amazing. I am so glad you all were able to come. And I will be see you in a month!!!! Love, Nic (PS..I might use one of your pics as my new cover photo :))

  3. Aw, this is do sweet Kimberly! Glad you came to the wedding and that you had a good time. Impressed with in-n-out 3 times in 24 hours, that might be a new record! See you in a month for Katie's wedding!

  4. Oh dear. this is so cute. I miss you mucho and must admit that I stalk your blog often. but isn't that what they're for? love it. just might make my own! but back on track regarding your post...WHEN DID LYNN GET TALLER THAN ALL OF YOU? almost didn't recognize her. :)


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