blogger's block.

despite how out of my mind busy i have been the last few weeks, i don't really know what to blog about lately. school is good. i'm taking some hard classes and some really boring classes. 

RAing is stressfully busy. but good. i adore my residents. i hate calling them residents. i prefer to call them girls. because they are, you know, girls.

my unit is in a flag football league. we are having lots of fun and lots of losses. thats okay though. i never go into it expecting to win. just to have fun.

i am flying to california bright and early tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. i'm so excited. especially for in-n-out burger. just being honest. 

my best friend is coming to visit me in one week. i can think of zero words that express how excited i am. 

and now: a photo to illustrate how bored i get in class.

keep it classy 'murica.

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  1. Kimberly! Your writing always inspires me and makes me laugh!


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