3 days left.

reslife week has come and gone. it was out of control. so stinking busy.

my unit competed in lodgeball on wednesday and thursday. lodgeball is just like dodgeball, but the lodges sponsor it, so we call it lodgeball. clever, i know. 

our lodgeball team the first night.
we won our first game, got a by in our second game, and went down with a fight in our third game. i was surprised by how many girls wanted to play. and it was actually my first lodgeball experience since i didn't play freshman or sophomore year. i technically didn't play this year either. i hate dodgeball. i always get hit in the face.
team for the second night.
friday was the magical event known as taste of marion. it was unfortunately not as magical this year. there is a ton of free stuff and raffles. sometimes i feel rude just taking the free things and not staying to listen to the free things hander out person, but oh well. 

solid team pic from after our loss.
friday was also the all campus prayer walk. it was thunderstorming super bad that night so it got cut short. sad. but it was fun to watch the lightning.

our zebra boat.
my girls wanted to make a zebra boat. so we did.

we lost terribly. the boat tipped at the very beginning of the race and bethany ended up dragging it through the pond. funny

we were also going to participate in the pudding tug of war, but it was taking forever and we had a dance to practice. so we forfeited..

we got 2nd place in the shatford memorial gong show that evening. it was fun and nerve wracking. so very nerve wracking. you can see the video of that if you are friends with me on facebook. 

summit week started yesterday. my favorite week of the whole year. 
now it's dinner time. peace and love.


  1. love hearing you talk here!! miss your witty insightfulness. have fun

  2. You are doing such an amazing job! Ah I love it!


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