beautiful things.


the freshman have all moved in. my head is spinning with all the things that need to be done in these next couple days. names to learn, pictures to hang, books to order, classes to find, classes to drop and add. so much to do. but it is good. my girls are good. they are precious and funny. 

i finally finished decorating my unit. so much work and time. i went to the library 3 times because i measured the hall wrong 3 times. so annoying. so worth it though. my theme is the song beautiful things by gungor. you can listen to the song here.

here are some pictures of the unit for my mommy and sandy. 

my sad, empty bulletin board.
my calendar. i stole this idea from another ra. 
i made my flowers out of white paper sacks and then spray painted them. at midnight. outside. so fun.
the lyrics go all the way down the wall. so does the grass. 
not really sure what i'm going to put here yet.
this section reminds me of dr. suess.

get it? You make beautiful things out of us. us being the people in the unit whose photos will go on the clothespins.

shout out to my former llama life for our laundry tags.
 happy almost labor day!


  1. I love it! It looks great! I can tell you worked really hard on it. I like the use of chicken wire to put pictures up. I love that song! And your giant calendar. I am really proud, and I wish I was as talented as you. I miss you!

  2. love love LOVE the theme to your hall. it looks so fresh and colorful and happy. and that song. so good. nice pick. and all the pictures underneath beautiful things. so good! very well thought out. i will need to see it in person to really approve though. we will have to make it happen! and of course, the llamas. so great! made me smile so big! i love you baby llama :-)


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