letdown and disappointed.

okay. that may be a touch dramatic, but really it was a big deal. i was so distressed and disappointed when i found out about this. so. upset.

my very favorite shampoo has sodium lauryl sulfate in it. cry. cry. cry.

okay, for real though. i have been obsessed with biolage shampoo for like, ever? it smells so good and the conditioner makes my hair so soft. it is like $25 for a small bottle, so i have never really been able to buy it. until i found it at a barber shop in lawrence for $12. and it was a liter size bottle (see: huge) too! so i've been using it for a few months and i just didn't understand why my hair has been so dry.

so, i started taking biotin vitamans to make my hair stronger so it would quit breaking all the time. i quit brushing it while it was wet, and last night i even lathered it in coconut oil to hydrate it. 
while i was researching the coconut oil method, i came across a blog instructing readers to "wash out the oil with sulfate-free shampoo only, otherwise you'll be defeating the whole purpose!!!!!" i thought, okay, no problem. i have $25 shampoo and its even called "hydrating shampoo" so of course it doesn't have sulfate in it.


sodium lauryl sulfate is like the third ingredient. i'm so annoyed. biolage has let me down. so much so that i'm writing a blog about it. yes. i am literally so sad that i'm writing a blog about my hair. my hair people.

so now i'm on the hunt for a new shampoo. 
on top of everything else i have to do, i have to find a new shampoo.

gosh, my life is so hard.

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