i went to a blogging conference.

i did. 

and it was wonderful.

i have entirely too much to catch up on to actually write words about it, so enjoy some pictures.
and yes, i did meet and hang out with my most favorite bloggers of interweb history. success.

my sweet mother helped me get this lovely room. and i got it all. to. my. self.

i finally met the jami nato. (shown here eating cereal with a serving spoon.)
jami makes large cookies and encourages others to do the same by purchasing massive ice cream scoops for them.
here we see jami with her bff, emily, reenacting some interesting photos they have seen. and yes, we are in a public restaurant.
mirror shots with jami, emily, and our new friends emily, and KC. precious ladies.
we're available for modeling.
miss you already. 
now, i get to clean up this disaster.


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