influence: a weekend of transitioning my virtual stalking into real life stalking.

like i said, i went to the influence conference this past weekend. and boy did i love it. 
the conference started on thursday night, but i wasn't able to go until friday morning 
because of my classes. 

i got to the hotel after a session had already started, so i had to sit in the back by myself and i had no idea what the lady was talking about. after that session there was a break before lunch and it. was. awkward. i started to wonder if it was a good idea for me to come late to a conference full of women, most ten years older than me, who i have never met before. 
i attempted to look busy on my computer and tried not to panic that i didn't know who i would eat lunch with.

when i signed up for the conference, i felt like so many of the bloggers that i read were going to be there. in reality there was only like 3 that i faithfully read there. 
and i couldn't find any of them. 

luckily, i spotted jami and emily as everyone was filing in for lunch. i rudely interrupted the conversation jami was having and introduced myself as "the one who harasses you through email." they invited me to eat lunch with them and from then on the conference was wonderful. 

jami spoke that afternoon and had the entire room weeping. except for me because she warned me that i'd probably cry, so then its like impossible to cry. so i guess i'm insensitive. whatever. i encourage everyone to read her blog from start to finish. especially during finals week. that's sure to boost your productivity level.  

jami and emily kindly allowed me to go to dinner with them that night. where i met emily and kc. the four of us ended up at a table together on the patio of the cheesecake factory. jami forgot her id in her room and had to go back to get it. i was a teensy bit nervous about staying at the table with two strangers, but emily and kc were so sweet. they asked me about school and my blog. we had some of the best conversation i have had all semester that night. it was so good to get to know them and hear about their lives and kids. they were also super encouraging to me as i told them a bit about my life and school. 

the rest of the weekend was more of the same. good conversations, good sessions, good reminders, good people, good everything. all the things were good.

i think my favorite part was when other people would ask me for my business card. the first time someone asked i'm pretty sure i just stared at them and then blurted out, "i'm in college." after i while i started grabbing sugar packets, writing clever things like, "call me sugar" on them and jotting down my blog address on the back. 

now i'm contemplating getting some business cards that say "i'm in college." on the back.

i can't believe that the internet is real. its so strange to meet people after reading all about their life on the interwebs. it was also good to meet people whose blogs i hadn't read before. meeting emily and kc was such a sweet surprise. they were precious and had such gentle, funny personalities. they were real gems. i met one other lady named emily who was also precious. gosh, there was just so many good people there. i don't know if i will go back next year, but i certainly want to keep in touch with these girls. 


in other news, it's alaska day! 

 annnnnnnnnd it's also the beginning of fall break. bring on the napping.

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