let's stop.

on thursday night around 11 i decided i needed some apple juice. i was nearly out of the parking lot before i noticed this on my car.

if it weren't for the fact that i was 100% sure i was straight in the lines and if i hadn't been on the phone with the BFF, i probably would have been mad.

okay, i was mad. but i didn't dwell on it for a long time. i was distracted by my phone conversation. but after i hung up and spent 15 minutes googling apple juice reviews in the juice section (why kim, why?) i started thinking about it again.

what good, really, did it do to leave that note on my car? did it magically make my car move for them? did it convince me to park according to their standards? did it make them feel awesome about themselves in front of their friends? how long did the awesomeness last? i bet not very long.

if i would have been having a bad day, it would have hurt my feelings. maybe because its a candy coated way of telling someone they didn't do good enough. always fun to hear. it tells people they are an inconvenience.

i think we do that a lot. we tell people they are an inconvenience. maybe quietly. maybe more with our actions than our words. but still. the message is loud and clear.

and probably i'm making more of this than i need to, but lately i'm just astounded by people's rudeness. by us as people asserting ourselves as more important than everyone else. myself included. i don't get it.

i'm in the midst of situation where i have to mediate people's rudeness. she did this. she did that. she said this. she said that she said this. all rude. all hurtful. all selfish. and i just don't understand it. why can't we just be nice to each other.

oh right, cause that would be too easy and then life would be boring.

i don't know why i'm writing this exactly. probably because i'm dramatic. but i just don't want people to be rude. and i don't want to be rude. and i can only control the me part.

so here goes not being rude. it shall last for approximately 12 minutes and then i will have to try try again.


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  1. i yell this at people while i'm driving. "why is your turn more important than mine!" selfish things like that. and then i think, maybe they're in a hurry because they can't be late to a job interview or maybe they're having a baby while driving. and then i see that the problem is me. LOL.


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