fall + friends + photos.

fall break is a joyful time of the year. this year, it unfortunately did not include me going home to enjoy the maple leaf festival. i was first introduced to the maple leaf as a small child. i have been in the parade approximately 12 times and it is one of my favorite things. baldwin has the most beautiful trees in the fall and i love it.

however, this post is not about the maple leaf. it is about what i did instead. i had to stay on campus for break because of RA duties, but some friends came and joined me to make it more fun.

i knew courtney was coming, but rho flew from south carolina to surprise me. twas quite delightful.

here are the little brats making fun of me for my "sorority girl" pose which i don't even do.

we enjoyed having the hall to ourselves since everyone else was gone, cookie dough, pizza, movies, laying in bed until 4, having a sleepover in a giant bed with loads of blankets, mexican food to celebrates courtney's 24th mexican birthday and of course each other.

courtney wanted to take pictures of the three of us since we are never all together. it was her birthday so i complied. we used a trashcan and a stool as a tripod. #creative

these look a bit like awkward prom pictures to me. but they are still new treasures.

it was fun having the three of us back together. we haven't all been together for more than a day since they graduated two years ago. geeeeeeze that was a long time ago.

sorry about the tree sticking out of your head, court.
i didn't get any homework done. and i'm okay with that. it was worth it for sure.

i love fall.


  1. y'all are cute.

    so glad you got some good girl time in!


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