365 days.

a year ago i was dragging a 3 foot seafood box full of frozen salmon and sweaters through the juneau airport in my xtra tufs like it was no big deal. 
a year ago i chatted with the TSA guys in juneau like they were my next door neighbors. 
a year ago i almost threw my cell phone across the seattle airport because i was so unused to having one.
a year ago i wanted to walk back onto the plane that brought me from juneau so i could go back.
a year ago i started Jesus Calling.
a year ago i sat with my fish box in front of baggage claim at the chicago airport, crocheting a hat while i waited for my best friend to pick me up after not seeing her for months.

it's been a whole year since i've been in alaska. boy, does that feel weird. 

this summer has been so stinking hot. the exact opposite of last summer. i wore my xtra tufs almost every single day in alaska. i've only worn them once this summer. that makes me so sad. i miss the rain. 

as much as i like looking at this everyday,

i really do miss looking at this:

i've come to realize that i was not made for the heat. i would truly love to move to alaska. i wish that it wasn't quite so expensive to travel there because i feel like no one will come visit me if i do move there. i'm just a rainy, cool weather kinda gal. its my fave. 

anyway. it's been a long year. i am hoping that it will not be another whole year before i make it back to alaska. that would be tragic. 

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  1. You can always come live with me!! Sitka welcomes you anytime!


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