can i go to sleep please.

it's almost 1 in the morning. i am not a 1 in the morning kind of gal. unless of course i can sleep in until 3pm. however, we are going wedding dress shopping tomorrow for my sister, so there will be no sleeping in late. 

i have been wanting to print my most favorite pictures from last summer to go in a photo album my nana bought me. i didn't want to get them printed at walmart because i don't think the quality is usually that great, so i decided to save (it's a new technique i'm trying) so that i could get them printed at as you can imagine, i was so delighted to see that they had a 50% off 4x6 prints sale going on today that i decided to just go ahead and order them today. i spent a huge chunk of the day going through 1500 pictures from camp and then editing the 325 i liked. and no, it didn't make me sad at all to look through all those memories... not. i didn't really feel too hot today, so i didn't get it done until like 9:30pm. the deadline for the sale was at 11:59pm. no prob. they will upload in a flash. 


it has been 2.5 hours and we are just. now. at halfway. thankfully, i emailed the mpix people and they said the servers were backed up because of the sale and that they would be happy to honor the sale price once i get my photos up. wonderful. i love nice people. 

so, i decided the best way to spend my time waiting was writing a blog post about alaska. surprised? okay, so it's not really about alaska as much as its not about alaska. does that make sense. no. oh well. 

today is the 8th. actually now its the 9th, but for sentimental purposes we are all going to happily pretend like it is still in fact the 8th and i that i don't have to wake up in 6 hours. omg. so, today is the day that i would be flying home from alaska if i would have gone to camp this summer as planned. it was weird thinking about all the counselors leaving camp and sitting in the seattle airport together waiting to say goodbye. i was thankful i didn't have to cry my eyeballs out like they were all probably doing. 

obviously, i still love alaska and camp, and i would really like to go back. but, that just wasn't the plan this summer. and its okay. so, i decided that i should make a list of all the reasons why it sucks is okay that i didn't go. 

i wouldn't have gotten to see my friends like at all. most of them would have gotten home from school and then left again while i was in alaska.

i wouldn't have gotten to spend time with holly.

i wouldn't be staying up til the butt crack of dawn so i could take advantage of this wonderful sale. :)

this picture wouldn't exist:

i wouldn't be making a quilt with aunt cindy. i can't wait to finish it. we are so close!

it would be 9452985 times harder to go back to school. especially since i have an unexpected new RD. i can't imagine trying to adjust to not being in alaska AND trying to adjust to a person i have never met whose name i have only known for a week.

i wouldn't have been able to go to the lake house with my best friend for the fourth. actually, i wouldn't have seen her at all.

i wouldn't haven been able to see laurie and brittany.

i wouldn't have gotten to see the dazzler show.

it would have been so much more difficult to go to the doctor for my recent chest bone issues in juneau.

i wouldn't have seen this sunset:

i wouldn't have made any money. (this isn't really that big of deal to me since being at camp is so worth it to me, but it is nice to fund my spending habits. :))

i wouldn't have had time to read the harry potter books.... which i still haven't finished. oops.

i wouldn't have been able to spend as some good time at home. 

i wouldn't have learned how much i despise the heat. 

i am running out of things. part of me wants to end all of those sentences with "yeah, but you could have ______ in alaska." but i'm glad i got to do the things i got to do this summer. i tried to be grateful for the things i was doing instead of always wishing i was at camp. i didn't always do a good job at that. oh well. i have less than a week left at home, so i will try to make the most of it.

i have less than a hundred pictures left on the upload. praise.the.lawd. now i will venture on over to pinterest so i can covet some stuff. 

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