feedback required.

that means you'll have to get out of the blogging closet and leave a comment. cause i need yo feedback. i made a few minor changes on the blog. i bet you noticed. it's sort of hard to miss it.

soooo what do you think so far? do you like the new pictures? the header? what about the fonts? colors? speak to me people.

i'm not totally done yet, but i'm getting there. html coding is super confusing. i don't exactly know what i'm doing. but that makes it interesting.

you shall leave thou comments in thee space provided below.
ready go.
love ko.

all of that rhymed. wow.


  1. I think it's visually captivating and very clever, just like you! Despite being your Aunt I am bias free. (I pride myself on my objectivity.)

    Susan Micali

  2. As another Susan, I have to agree wholeheartedly. Love it. :)

  3. I see my face! I've always liked your blog design. Actually I was wondering how you get your different tabs at the top, and the picture slideshow. I've been meaning to revamp my blog for months, just hasn't happened yet....

  4. I LOVE THE FONT. super jealous...but that just means you will have to change mine when we get back to school :)

  5. whoaaa! big changes...this is going to take some getting used to. I love the new title! the first thing i thought of was, there BETTER be a picture of me sliding thru i waited...and waited...and waited...and I thought I might get the shaft, but then THERE I WAS! very good!

    I'm going to be honest and say that the white background is throwing me off a little bit but as I said, I'll have to get used to these things. SO COOL! how the heck do you learn to revamp websites?! its like magic.

    PS love the "where I type like I talk" hahaha sooo true!


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