i'm gonna miss this girl.


every summer there is a concert in south park on wednesday nights. the lawrence city band plays in the gazebo. people sit in lawn chairs and have picnics. children joyfully run about. enough sweat rolls down your back to rival niagara falls. mosquitos bite you in places you wish you wouldn't. tis wonderful.


i grew up going to the concert every wednesday of every single summer, every single year. i can still remember being disappointed when it would get rained out. they used to just cancel it, but now they move it inside. dumb.


i don't actually go for the music. i think only the old people do. in fact, most of the time i forget music is even playing. anyway, i stopped going once i joined the youth group. for a long time it was a constant internal battle. park or church? eventually i chose youth group and quit going to the park.


now i'm too old for youth group and i feel a little bit awkward when i go. but i still haven't really been to the park this year. however, last night was the last one of the summer. so i went. mainly so i could eat this girl up.


and to see her mother of course.


and because someone has to teach her how to take selfies. come on.


whenever i come home from school, i always hightail it over to holly and derek's house so i can see caroline. i want her to remember me. i still have the text derek sent me when she was born. she is the sweetest little peanut and i love her to pieces. she calls me "timbo." which is obviously another way to say kimbo. sometimes she gets sassy. but i just sass her right back. we get along well. one good thing about being home this summer is that i get to see her a lot.


i'm gonna miss her sweet face when i go back to school. and i will obviously miss her mommy too. luckily i can still text/call holly. caroline hasn't quite mastered that.

yeah. so on the last night of concert in the park they shoot off cannons and fireworks during the last song. it seemed way shorter last night than it was when i was a kid. that feels so weird to type. i am not a kid. what.

so i thought caroline was gonna jump a lot during the cannons and get scared. "i will capture this on camera." i said to myself. great idea.


problem is, i screamed like a baby and jumped every time and she didn't even flinch. that resulted in a blurry photo. way. to. go. regardless it was a lovely evening.

now i'm off to go shopping with none other than caroline and holly! it's the sidewalk sale people!



  1. oh man you're funny woman!
    so glad you decided to come home this summer!
    will miss you next summer when you're being an eskimo again. WHAT??
    bye timbo!

  2. I like your new format ... but I'm wondering why there aren't any pics of me rotating through? It appears that all of your favorite people are there ... so, what's up with that?

    ps Your very creative :)
    Aunt Cindy


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