how to have fun with your bff: 4th of july edition.

happy late fourth of july friends. i just got back from the airport after dropping this lady off.

yes, i'm burnt and no, my eyes aren't that squinty in person.
courtney had the week off of grad school because of the fourth of july, so she came to visit. it was wonderful. we went to the pool for a few hours on monday and swam like mermaids. and then tuesday we headed off to the lake of the ozarks to hang out with the heringtons for fourth of july.

this was probably one of the most packed trips to the lake i have been on. we went jet skiing, tubing, skiing, cliff jumping, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, hammocking, and had smores in the oven. i accidentally threw her off the jet ski and she landed on her head. so she had a sore neck for the rest of our time at the lake. oops.  

uncle harry always sets off a huge firework display right over the lake, so we enjoyed a private firework show.

i think i jumped almost every time one went off.

on thursday we went on a boat ride and got nachos.

they were huge. we ordered 2. after shoveling those down, court and i went to my brother's lake house right across the main channel. my 3 year old nephew, grant, basically ignored me and flirted with courtney the whole time. he would not stop running around and even took his shirt off so he could swing it around for her. it was comical. he was so sad when she left.

we came back to lawrence on friday and enjoyed a spontaneous dinner at kokoro's. yuuuuuuuuuuum.

we sat with some strangers with hysterical children. they were so amazed by everything our chef did. when he pulled out a lemon they kept calling it a watermelon and all their hands shot up for a piece of it.

yesterday and today included a lot of laying around and doing nothing on account of our exhaustion. but it was still wonderful.

so glad i got to see my bestie this week. miss you already.

i leave in 7 hours for 5 days of youth camp. annnnnnnnd i haven't packed. so i'm gonna go do that now. happy almost monday. 


  1. killer photos, ko! so jealous of the fireworks - we've had a burn ban for a month now, so no light displays anywhere here. :( you're the cutest.

  2. AH!!! you got a pic of court skiing! THE BEST! ps, shes really tan! also, it sounds like you guys had a fantabulous week together. maybe next year i can join you? k great! i love you lots!

  3. I can't believe you didn't mention diving for quarters at the pool.


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