echo ranch: kansas style

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as you may know, alaska is sort of far away. like waaaaaay far away. like when i look up plane tickets several times a week to torture myself they are really expensive. so, about a month ago, laurie, brittany and i decided that we should have a mini-camp reunion weekend. what a fabulous idea that turned out to be.

laurie and brittany drove into lawrence from kansas city and st. louis on friday night and we enjoyed some smores from the oven.

oven smores are lit.ra.lee the best thing i have ever ran across on pinterest. oh my word. add a little peanut butter and banana and they are truly delish. 

anyways. we enjoyed our smores and watched some videos from camp. obviously we were eager. we also stayed up way past my bedtime so we could facebook chat people who are at camp. they can't get on the internet until like 9 or 10 or something. those suckers. juuuust kidding. kind of.

saturday, we had deeelish baked oatmeal for breakfast. camp's recipe of course. then we went on a "hike" around clinton lake. i use the term "hike" oh so lightly because it was a walk in the park compared to hiking in alaska.

there was a wonderful piece of driftwood on the beach in alaska that laurie loved sitting on, so when we came across this driftwood on the sand in clinton lake we naturally had to stop for a photo op.

we also came across a dead fish. just. like. alaska. so wonderful. except it didn't smell horrible, so that was a plus.

we ran across this strange tree fort thingy and fought our way through it despite the fact that there was a clear trail just to the right. we're adventurous, okay?

we spent the afternoon at the pool, and then went home to watch more camp videos and play with this cutie.

caroline's mommy and daddy were on a date for their anniversary, so she hung out with us for the evening. we ended the night with orange leaf and the 20 minute long counselor video. i didn't even cry. 

it was so good to see these girls again. a. because they are wonderful and fun to hang out with. and b. because i can talk about camp as much as i want and they will never get annoyed. we literally talked about camp allll. day. long. it's no secret that i miss alaska, but this was truly the next best thing. i could not have asked for a more wonderful weekend. 

thanks for coming girls. lets do it again soon. like tomorrow. or tonight.


  1. #1. you wrote this at 6am?! what. were. you. doing. Thats waaaay to early. or maybe waaaay too late.
    #2. This "echo ranch: kansas style" looks like a blast! and the smores...well, why didnt we do that when you were here?! those look absofreakinlutely delicioso!!!!
    #3. I approve of this more blogging thing. I think the comments are helping
    KEEP COMMENTING! we like kimbos blogs...oh excuse me, kimberly (weird) or if you prefer, kim. but whatever.
    love, rho.

  2. what? Meet up for alumni weekend? :)


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