that time we looked good and took borderline inappropriate pictures.

as you may know, i have a tendency to get out of control. it may not surprise you that this is in my genes. one time the fam went to a wedding. there was a lot of pink. we dressed up. then we took pictures. a. because we needed to document our successful outfits and b. because aunt suie was here and she takes pictures like nooobodies business.
so here is a gift my bloggy friends. mildly embarrassing photos of the. whole. fam.
i'll call this, "ducks in a row"
"interpretive dance" 

"one too many drinks"
JUST KIDDING. all we had were shirley temples. don't start rumors.
good thing my sisters don't read my blog. they might be upset about the overall classiness of these fo.toes. soooound that out friends. 

coming up shortly on this here blog: an alaskan weekend, a playroom makeover, kids camp, and a week with my BFF. 

ps. that place down there where it says post a comment, you're really allowed to post one. a few comments do a girl's heart good. 


  1. you're adorable.

    there, I did it. :)

  2. I at first was disappointed to see you blogged and not about our weekend. But then I looked at your post. And it was definitely not a disappointment. :) You and your sibs make me laugh.

  3. Just so you know I do read your blog.

  4. you guys are hilarious! also, i need to come to kansas. i just dont know when that will happen. i thoroughly enjoyed this post :-)


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