sunscreen and tears.

happy june 18th friends. i'm currently struggling to keep my eyeballs open on account of the fact that i had sunscreen dripping into my eyes alllllll the day long. today was my first day lifeguarding at the outdoor pool. i was at the indoor pool all last week and i was supposed to be at the outdoor this whole week. however, after working from 8:45-5 in the blazing hot sun, i have decided that i prefer the boringness of the indoor pool over the helllll like heat of the outdoor pool. i literally called my supervisor on the way home and told her i wanted to be moved inside for the rest of the summer. she was so happy to comply with that request. there goes my beautiful golden tan. boo. 

i did not really get burnt, except for sort of a little where my straps rubbed the sunscreen off. try and tell me that this doesn't make you jealous. for the pasty white person that i am, i would say this is pretty good for 8 hours in the sun.

i hate sunscreen. so, bring on the indoor pool.



  1. that is so awful hahaha i am so sorry. the sun hates me too.

  2. thank you for this. I had been waiting a while for another post. this did not disappoint. :


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