i'm about to leave for my last day (!!!!) of lifeguard training, but i thought a quick instagram post would be a lovely treat for you to feast your eyes on until i have something more interesting to say. 

ps. you can click on these pictures to make them bigger. lucky you.
home eqauls spinach smoothies galore.
home also means lots of baking. lots.
hanging out with nephews at kelsey's graduation.
a day outside with courtney in milwaukee.
more milwaukee.
i only got to go to a few graduation parties this year. i'm secretly okay with it.
baby maria and her cake.
hanging out backstage before the dazzler show.
reminiscing the good old days with amanda at her graduation.
ice cream date for lunch.
"this is the best ice cream place ever." 
like i said, the baking never ends.
safely driving while also instagraming. the clouds are one of my favorite parts of kansas summers.
keeping it real in mother's bed.
block party for the church serve day.
isn't she lovely? haha.
i made chicken cordon bleu from scratch. domestic.
we played a game at a college group night and my friend holly thought this was a fat choir director.
what do you think it is?
summer nights.
we are redoing the playroom and got rid of our couch.
this is laura's favorite piece of furniture and she was sad to see it go.

until next time.

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