quiz time.

greetings earthlings.

i have a quiz for you to take. are you ready? you should have studied.

is it super easy to keep up with blog writing during the summer?
a. heck yes. you have nothing to do.
b. i'm sure its just the same as being at school.
c. no. there is literally nothing going on which makes it 9582395732 times more difficult to come up with something to write. 

if you answered c than you are a winner. please call someone else to collect your prize.

yeah. so i'm struggling to come up with anything to write on account of the fact that my life is pretty eventless as of this moment. i finally cleaned my room. i made cupcakes. i slept in my giant house by myself last night. scary? yes. i am in the middle of lifeguard training which i am not exactly enjoying due to the large amount of swimming we have to do. leave it to me to be surprised by actual swimming at lifeguard training. but seriously. i haven't swam laps in uhh forever. um actually i don't know that i can say i ever actually "swam laps." we have to swim 300 yards or meters or something everyday without stopping. some of you might say that 300 whatevers isn't that much. well let me tell you folks, it is a lot when you have never done it in your whole stinking life. the first time i did it it took me 10 minutes and i wanted to throw up. everyone in my class in either on a club swim team or their school swim team and it takes them about oh i don't know 4 minutes. embarrassing. i am tired. i just love sitting in a classroom for 4 hours everyday for 2 weeks. only 6 days to go. 

 in other news, kelsey and i saved a wee little baby bird yesterday. okay really it was a full grown robin, but i like to be dramatic. 

kels found it hanging from our tree with some plastic netting caught around its neck and feet. she came and got me and i cut it out. i thought it was dead when i saw it cause it wasn't moving at all, but when i grabbed him, he for sure was still alive.

don't you worry, i had gloves on. birds are dirty, don't cha know?

when we cut him loose, he didn't even move. his foot was clearly broken. so we called prairie park nature center, and then kelsey took him there.

apparently when they have their beaks open like that it means that they are exhausted and dehydrated. the nature center said they would give him some water and let him rest and if he needed home care they would place him in a home. i am going to be honest and say that i laughed when kels told me they would place him in a home. seems a bit on the dramatic side to me. he is a wild bird after all. 

we named him harry. we being me. i am in the middle of the second harry potter book which i am reading for the first time ever, so it seemed fitting. i will now get back to my harry potter book. 


ps. is my photo slideshow still working at the top of my blog? annnybody? can you see it?


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