something has to change.

i have been home for 25 days. i am just now unpacking my stuff from school. ridiculous, i know. i'm currently taking a "break" because i have reached a point of frustration. i was standing in my room surveying the massive piles and piles of stuff that has taken up residence in my room and i start wondering how its possible that my clothes fit better in my school closet than in my house closet. obviously the solution is that i need more room. right?

rewind about 25 days. i'm standing outside my dorm surveying all my belongings, imagining how i am going to squeeze it all into my car. i managed to use every last inch of space and packed my car to the ceiling all by myself. this was no easy task and honestly, i was sort of annoyed at how much space was being taken up. i decide that really i just need a bigger car. right?

i hate to admit this. i hate it so much, but the truth is i have too many clothes. really too much stuff in general. last time i counted i had over 50 tshirts. what. well you see, i am emotionally attached to everything i own. so i keep it. or i see some potential in something and decide to save it. good idea in thought, but it results in me having an abundance of shirts that don't fit and a bunch of wannabe craft projects. it drives me crazy. so. so. crazy.

so. i'm going to try and get rid of some stuff. there is this thing called the 100 thing challenge where you attempt to only own 100 things, but i mean yeah right. let's not get in over our heads here. maybe some day. for now, i'm just going to try and cut down my closet. i'm really only doing this because i'm fearful of becoming a real life hoarder. and no one will be my friend. and i'll hang out with cats all the time. and my house will look like this.

i can't let that happen. i just can't. we'll see how it goes. 



  1. sick. do not become a hoarder. unpack. throw it away. you probably will never miss it. haha LOVE YOU!

  2. I LOVE throwing stuff away! Dwindle down all of your belongings to the bare essentials. You will be amazed at how freeing it feels to not be "owned" by stuff. Plus, your room will be so nice and clean :-)


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